Kurt Larsson, Resident Partner

Kurt has an extensive background in international sales and marketing management having sold everything from car tires in Houston, Texas to retail banking delivery systems in over 20 different countries to over a ton of investment gold bars and coins. His accomplishments include being in the President’s Club for top sales in three different organizations.

For over past 20 years he has driven his own educational consulting company Expanding Understanding, specializing in effective communication in leadership, sales, service and teamwork. His workshops, seminars and coaching sessions focus upon the growing importance and leveraging effect of conscious body language. He has worked in these areas with organizations such as Ericsson, SEB and Sabre.

His passions include his family, jogging, Austrian economics and the study of conscious body language. He is also a certified International Body Harmony Teacher with over 20 years of hands-on experience in this conscious and soft touch method of bodywork. He is also the President elect of the Stockholm International Rotary Club, resides in Sweden and speaks the language fluently. He still loves to travel.