Jared Schnackenberg, Partner in Residence

Prior to the Catalyst Acquisition Group, Mr. Schnackenberg was the President of Oticon Medical, U.S.. There, Mr. Schnackenberg was to prepare the U.S. organization to bring to the U.S. market a new cochlear implant system, something which hasn’t been done in the last 20 years. Mr. Schnackenberg assumed full responsibility for the U.S. organization and for the support to cochlear implant clinics, ENT physicians, Audiologists and recipients. Operating in a FDA class III market his whole career, Mr. Schnackenberg brings a wealth of experience to the field. Mr. Schnackenberg has developed a solid track record building and leading high-performance teams.

Prior to Oticon Medical, Mr. Schnackenberg was Vice President, North American Sales and Service for Advanced Bionics, another neuromodulation cochlear implant company. He served with Advanced Bionics for 11 years, gaining deep experience in hearing implants and proving success in relationship-building and business development.

Schnackenberg earned a Master of Arts in Audiology from the University of Northern Colorado and holds board certification in Audiology with a specialty in Cochlear Implants from the American Academy of Audiology.