Catalyst at Glance

Discover Catalyst: Catalyst Acquisition Group, L.L.C. is an international transformation company that occasionally invests in properties. Catalyst prides itself on delivering benefits to all stakeholders and providing a good corporate home for our transformations or acquisitions.

Ethos: Catalyst was born from the realization that any transaction, transformational or operational, must rest on the core values of Speed, Certainty & Integrity.

Products & Services: The products (we call them modules) that Catalyst offers are based upon techniques we have developed or helped introduce at some of the world’s leading corporations. Our products & services are all built around clear objectives, deliverables, and deadlines.

Catalytic Efficiency: When we say that Catalyst can do for you what any of the big Professional Services firms can do but at a fraction of the cost – we understand if you have doubts. Surely you must cut corners or something, you say. And you are right.

Investment Criteria: We believe that our greatest asset is our ability to uncover hidden value and refine operations. Accordingly, we are most interested in firms that can benefit from our operational and marketing expertise and grow organically into full-fledged operations with our guidance and mentorship.

Our Professionals: Catalyst enjoys the dedication of four groups of professionals with credentials that are hard to match:Our General Partners, Our Operating Executives, Our Principals , Our Executives in Residence and you can expect a lot from them.

Engagements: All of our engagements have been transformational in nature. All engagements have reported into the office of the client company’s CEO, Chairman or Board.

Humanitarian Engagements: We thoroughly understand the current financial strain on today’s great non-profit organizations, forcing them to adjust their services and offerings in these difficult times. In order to reduce costs while maintaining high levels of service, we offer our products & services at a generous discount.

Path Forward: Once it seems clear that Catalyst might be helpful to you or your organization, the process forward is a fairly simple and flexible one.

Catalyst in the News: Catalyst has been frequently featured in on-line videos and has been invited to speak at conferences.