John C. Oldfield, Vice President, Business Development

Prior to the Catalyst Acquisition Group, Mr. Oldfield was an executive at The Conference Board, a New York-based economic research firm which produces the famous Leading Economic Indicators and Consumer Confidence Index (CCI). While there he researched best, worst and breakthrough IT and e-business practices, corporate training, business-to-business electronic commerce and ERP systems. He also launched and managed two innovative online services, including a corporate e-learning business. Prior to The Conference Board, Mr. Oldfield was with the National Academy of Sciences, where he researched science, technology and economic policy issues. These included the semiconductor industry (pre-competitive industry consortia), biotechnology, and publicly-funded venture capital (Small Business Innovation Research Program).

He also has extensive international management experience with USAID and the Department of State, including training programs for election officials and foreign media, as well as civil/military communication projects in post-conflict countries.

Mr. Oldfield is fluent in French and Italian and holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.