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The following Case Studies are somewhat tongue-in-cheek composites of several actual transactions, with details obscured for confidentiality, demonstrating our capabilities and approach to problem solving for sellers.


Because so many sellers expect a high level of confidentiality from us post-sale we endeavor to zealously protect the details of actual transactions. Accordingly, and as will hopefully become painfully obvious, these fact patterns are hypothetical and not intended to describe any particular company or transaction. Instead, they should be regarded as a broad gauge of the experience and acumen of our team at large. Obviously, every transaction is different and, accordingly, the Catalyst approach differs on a case-by-case basis as we encounter different situations, personalities and environments. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and no ”template” exists for the approach we might take to a given transaction.

Case Study #1 relays the travails of the fictional company ”LeafDataCo,” a firm specializing in providing high-quality market research for the dynamic and exciting leaf blower sector.


Case Study #2 presents the harrowing tale of ”NegReturnCo,” a fictional manufacturer of artificial pepper.


Case Study #3 (forthcoming) sketches a narrative surrounding the nonexistent ”LegacyCo,” a yarn about an old-world Birchwood Jam producer.


Finally, Case Study #4 (forthcoming) details events surrounding the disposition of ”VanishCo,” a marketer of whiteboard erasing fluid.


We hope that these studies will provide you with some additional insight into the way Catalyst approaches transactions, an early sense of our sometimes irreverent sense of business humor, and give you some ideas how we might be able to help your organization.