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Index of Selected Engagements:

  • Merrill Corporation
  • Rosenbluth International
  • The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation
  • AlliedSignal/Honeywell, Inc.
  • Unisys Inc.

Engagement Client: Merrill Corporation
Engagement Locations: Paul, MN (London based)
Engagement Roles: Vice Chairman of International
Engagement Tasks: Restructuring and growth creation
Engagement Period: 2004-2006

Engagement Outcome:

  • Led implementation of a viable marketing mindset placing the Customer first
  • Led analysis evaluation/creation of DataSite division for launch and it became/is Merrill’s most successful enterprise (Electronic Data Room)
  • Introduce new leadership in Merrill Translation Company

Engagement Client: Rosenbluth International
Engagement Locations: Philadelphia, PA
Engagement Roles: President, COO
Engagement Tasks: Restructuring, turnaround, profit improvement, divestiture
Engagement Period: 1996-2001

Engagement Outcome:
• Full P & L responsibility, delivering consecutive all time record years (1998-2001)
• Board member (1996-2001), Solved Y2K and positioned company for sale
• Implemented cost containment programs in OH functions and created Strategic direction
• Dressed up and restructured for sale to Amex

Engagement Client: The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation
Engagement Locations: New York, NY

Engagement Roles:
1. Chairman and CEO of D&B Software units
2. Corporate Officer & SVP-International

Engagement Tasks:
1. Spin-off, IPO, turnaround
2. Restructuring, Growth, globalization

Engagement Period: 1993-1998

Engagement Outcome:
• Successfully managed turnaround and spin-off of D&B SW and Pilot SW 1996-1998
• Successfully managed and outsourced Dunnet (worlds 3rd private network)
• Chairman of D&B Global Marketing and Strategy Council leading the spin-off teams for IMS, Nielsen, Moodys Investor Service, Gartner Group and D&B
• Responsible for M&A and restructurings. P&L responsible for all acquired and outsourced units while integrating operations into Units (1990-1993)

Engagement Client: AlliedSignal/Honeywell Inc.
Engagement Locations: Morristown, NJ
Engagement Roles: Corporate Officer & SVP- World Wide Marketing & Sales
Engagement Tasks: Turnaround consolidation, restructuring, growth
Engagement Period: 1993-1996

Engagement Outcome:
• Re-engineered all processes and systems relating to the customer
• Developed and launched AS Financial Services (Leasing and Financing)
• Successfully implemented 18 corporate-wide mega projects and 25 business specific projects
• Chaired Global Marketing and Sales leadership teams
• Streamlined, re-structured and increased bench strength of all Sales and Marketing World Wide
• P&L responsibility in matrix with the Operating divisions delivering record earnings

Engagement Client: Unisys Corp.
Engagement Locations: Blue Bell, PA
Engagement Roles: SVP-Marketing Programs HQ
Engagement Tasks: Restructuring, Integration, globalization, growth
Engagement Period: 1987-1990

Engagement Outcome:
• Integrated Burroughs and Sperry Marketing/Sales Organizations
• Implemented successful multinational accounts program
• P&L for Global account sales and operations